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Print US Passport Photos Using Photo Printer

After you make US passport photos, you should have a 4R sheet with 6 passport photos. If you don’t have, please to go to http://www.123passportphoto.com/ to make your US passport photos.


Next you can print it onto a 4×6″ photo paper. For US passport photos, you can print it using either matte, semi-matte or glossy photo paper. In the printing option, choose to fit the 4R sheet onto 4×6″ paper, not borders, no frame. This is very important. Otherwise the photo size will be wrong.

Then cut the photo along the gray lines. You will get 6 US passport photos of correct size (exactly 2×2″).

Make US passport photos

Making United States passport photo is an easy job with 123PassportPhoto.

First, take before a white wall. You can avoid shadows at the wall by stand 1 meter away from the wall. And don’t use flash light. Leave enough space between the top of head and upper border of the photo.

Go to http://www.123passportphoto.com/.

Select Unites States from the Country/Region download list.



Choose Passport, Visa or Green card. They are all of the same size 2×2″. The requirements are also similar. You can click on the blue links to see the detailed requirements.

Cick Start to the upload photo page. Click on the Browse button to select a photo from your computer. You can also enter a URL of a photo on the web.

After your photo is uploaded, you can see a cropper page. Adjust the cropper to fit the top of head and chin into the blue guide lines. You can use mouse, or arrow keys to adjust and move the cropper box.

photo_guide2 photo_guide1

Click next to select enhancement. Our enhancement feature helps you to get white background passport photos. Then click next. You will be able to download a 4R sheet with 6 2×2″ US passport photos.


You can also download a single digital passport photo for online passport, visa or green card applications.