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Print UK Passport Photos

After making your UK passport photos, you should have a 4R (4×6″) sheet with 8 passport photos on it. If you don’t have, make your own UK passport photos here.

Next, you can print your photos on low-gloss, plain white photo paper. Open your windows explorer and double click the photo to open it using Windows Photo Viewer. In the¬†Windows Photo Viewer window, click Print. Select 4×6 for Paper size. If your photo paper is not 4×6″, then select the correct size such as A4, and DO select 4×6 in. (2) on the right side.



Picture 1: Print passport photo with 4×6 paper


Picture 2: Print passport photo with A4 paper

After the photo is printed, cut the photo along the grays lines, you will get 8 passport photos.